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Gossip is genetic

I caught myself thinking that I simply love to read showbizz nieuws about the stars life, about what they are dressed in, with whom they meet and with whom they live.

Why do we really like to discuss personal lives of celebrities? What about the divorces of Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow? Are we all right?

This is ridiculous, but if we are interested in gossip, it means that everything is really fine with us. The fact is that the interest in what is happening in the lives of other people is laid down in us by evolution. In the prehistoric era, our ancestors lived in relatively small groups, and it was vital to know what the members of the community were. By analyzing the actions of other people, it was possible to understand how they would behave in a difficult situation, whether it was worth relying on them, what they would do when allocating resources, and what position you would have. Getting information about each other, people learned to successfully interact with friends, allies and relatives, and the higher the status of a person, the more interest he caused, because he possessed qualities that allowed him to rise high and gain influence.

Today, actors, musicians, athletes and participants in reality shows are somewhere high up on the social ladder. These are not just successful people. They are also characters about whom we know almost more than about some relatives, because newspapers are published every day.

Gossiping about celebrities can be useful to unfamiliar people who have little to talk about. Try to discuss with a colleague from a neighboring department in the morning at an office coffee machine not the weather about which you are already tired of talking, but the painful thinness of Angelina Jolie – you will see: you will feel almost like friends.

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