Difference Between Web App and Mobile App Development

Mobile app and web app development are usually confused as one. However,  this is not so. There is a huge difference between these two things. These two differ in terms of technologies, development approach, capabilities, and more.

If you want to make a successful digital product or application, you need to learn the difference between them. In this article, you will know the key difference between mobile app development and web app development. Let’s have a look.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development refers to the apps that are developed for mobile phones such as android and IOS. These apps can be installed on devices from the App Store, google store, or mobile web browser. However, they are used on mobile phones and have access to system resources.

There are numerous types of mobile applications used for different purposes such as social apps, gaming apps, healthcare, telecommunications, ecommerce, insurance, and more. Professional mobile app developers like Thoughtlabs use multiple techniques and programming languages to develop these apps.

What is Web App Development?

Web application development is used to originate applications that run on web browsers or web servers. These apps are designed and developed by expert developers. Hence, there are various types of web applications that come with different functions and benefits. Moreover, they are user-friendly and secure that you can easily access via a web browser.

Difference Between Mobile App and Web App Development

Both mobile apps and web apps are highly popular nowadays and serve multiple purposes. However, they are different from one another in many ways. Mobile applications are designed and developed for mobile phones while web apps are for web browsers. Are you looking for a detailed difference between web apps and mobile apps? Let’s explore the difference.

  1. Mobile Apps are specially designed for mobile devices such as android and IOS however web applications are designed for web browsers.
  2. You can download mobile apps from app stores or google play stores. On the other hand, web apps are accessible through web servers. You do not need to download web apps to use them.
  3. Some mobile apps work even without the internet hence you always need an internet connection to browse and use web applications.
  4. Mobile app development is costly as compared to web app development. Hence, web app maintenance cost is high.
  5. There is no common code base for mobile apps however web apps hold a common code base over all platforms.
  6. Mobile applications are quicker, organized, and functional as compared to web apps.
  7. Web application reach capability is high as compared to the mobile application.
  8. Web development UI design is more complex and hard compared to mobile apps.
  9. Mobile apps are faster and more advanced than web apps.

Mobile App Vs Web App: Which is the best?

Web apps and mobile apps are different phenomenons that come with different functionalities and characteristics. However, you can choose to build a web app or mobile app as per your specific needs. For self-contained programs, games, and telecommunication, mobile apps are more suitable. However, when you need to reach a large audience, web applications are a better choice.

You can even use some mobile apps when an internet connection is not available which is not possible with the web app. Another perspective to consider when choosing between the mobile app and web app is that a web app does not work properly on a phone as they are compatible with web servers. However, our apps are more easily accessible as you do not need to download them from any platform.

To use mobile apps, you have to download them from App store or google play store. Consider your goals along with all these aspects to choose whether you are going for a web app or mobile app. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. By learning the difference between the mobile app and web app development, you can make an informed decision.

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