The best for your skin


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They say that it is the condition of the skin that shows age.  Indeed, clean, radiant skin is a sign of youth, and if you have enlarged pores, acne, or your skin looks tired, then no makeup will help. I always took care of my skin, but often it was still too dry.  I realized that the main problem was with the soap.  I tried different types of soap for a long time and I understood that handmade soap was the greatest option.  Why?  I will explain it.

One of the main advantages is the use of only natural ingredients.  The composition of non-industrial soap includes only those components that your skin needs giving you natural skincare.  Industrial-made soaps usually contain synthetic additives that dry the skin and cause irritation. By cleaning the skin with natural soap, you can get rid of dryness.  Using various additives, you can get a soap with the effect of scrub, with a moisturizing, a vitaminizing, or an anti-cellulite effect … All this is achieved by simply adding one or another ingredient.  Industrial soap often disappoints with the primitive form of the bar.  But the handmade soap can have any shape you like.  In addition, by mixing special colorful masses, adding flower petals or flowers, using other methods, soap makers create a truly unique product that will become a real decoration of the bathroom.

That’s why handmade natural soap is a magnificent and original gift. I often give it to my friends and relatives. I think everybody likes it.  The main thing is to find a manufacturer whom you trust.  For me, it is LELU, because it was their soap that I started using and fell in love with.  There is a huge selection of soap, bombs for the bathroom, both individually and in ready-made gift sets. You can pick up soap according to its skincare qualities for a specific person, taking care of it.  You can choose the soap in appearance and present it as a functional and unusual detail of the interior.  The main thing is not to forget that natural soap (like everything natural) cannot be stored for too long.

In general, handmade soap offers only positive emotions for you and for those to whom you give it.

I'm not afraid to smile anymore


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I think that good dental health and a dazzling smile are essential for everybody.  After all, a person who smiles freely is perceived positively and attracts people. As for me, I’m used to being ashamed of my smile. In fact, my problem was not so terrible, just two front teeth protruding forward, and the teeth were not white enough.  But for me it was a real tragedy, I thought everyone around was just looking at my teeth!  Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry actually makes wonders. The Cosmetic dentist Miami helped me to make sure of this.

Oh, in Miami Cosmetic Dentistry, you can get a deep teeth cleaning, install different veneers and implants, correct bite imperfections and eliminate every possible problem with the appearance of your teeth! The most modern equipment, highly qualified personnel, an individual approach to each patient … Here’s the result!  I have a real Hollywood smile now!



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Sometimes there are hard working weeks in my life: the boss swears, a bunch of important things and piles of documents on the table, problems with salary or just a bad mood. At that very time I decide to have parties and invite my friends. I come up with unusual ideas: Egg day, Red Sock day, Newspaper day, etc.

This weekend I decided to have a Money day. I would like to share with you my script and some tips if you want to have the same holiday.

To begin with, we’ll lay a festive table, the menu of which will please the heroes of the occasion. (Let me remind you that money are the causer of our festival, so all dishes should have large lettuces, symbolizing banknotes). Instead of napkins, I laid out prop money Euro. I also decorated several dishes with these pieces of paper.

After our rich meal, I arranged a comic auction, having previously distributed to all my friends multi-colored “banknotes”. Personally, I sold my old disks with films and cartoons, and the guests paid for them with their movie money.

Then we learned to make origami from notes. Not everyone succeeded, but we did not give up. Now there are a dozen little dragons, hares and birds from prop money UK on my windowsill.

Then we had a little game, “Rob a Sweet Bank”. The largest of my friends was the guard of the safe box with sweets. The rest had to plan everything so that they quietly get past him and pull off the safe box. If the guard managed to catch someone, then he would close the robber in prison (in our case, in the pantry) with the key.

Actually, the game was for children, but my friends were thrilled. Nothing helps to relax so much as to feel like little girls and boys, given the fact that the next day all the “children” needed to submit reports, arrange business meetings, dive into numbers and endless scribbling.