5 ways to expand your online production globally

Promotion of business abroad is a chance to earn much more money, which cannot be limited only within own country. Delivery services work all over the world, and therefore the question of promotion is reduced only to a qualitative presence on the Internet. How to make sure that the business is noticed? Let’s consider five ways, which helps to expand products globally.

1. A search for websites of international importance

There are hundreds of websites that are ready to add other people’s products and promote them. For example, one of the most popular resources — Etsy, is famous for the sale of handmade products. However, there are many analogues, which provide an opportunity to display products and exchange information. The main thing in this promotion — is an understanding of what country in the world you want to get your goods to.

2. Website promotion in different languages

In order to sell goods abroad effectively it isn’t enough to make one version of the English website. Each country has its own peculiarities of mentality, without mentioning the fact that it is more convenient for everyone to read in their native words. One of The key to international expansion is a professional translation of web resource to several languages. Taking a look at the websites of different countries, one may notice that the designs, fonts, and method of presenting information are different. This is the exact time to find a professional service, which will help to Translate your website into any language properly.

3. Taking into consideration an international trade rules

A Directive on Internet Commerce was adopted in 2002 in Europe. A similar document was adopted by the Federal trade Commission of the United States, and 28 countries joined it. The main postulates of these documents can be put in several points:
— information about the product must be true and complete;
— the company must fully disclose information about itself and the products. This includes publishing its address and contact information;
— enable customers to use a reliable method of online payments with a sufficient level of protection of financial information.

4. A reliable payment method

By choosing payment solutions, determine what degree of risk you are satisfied with. Some payment methods may be convenient for customers, but costs for the supplier, especially when it comes to refunds and chargebacks. Others avoid the high costs of accepting and returning payments, but can be risky. Nowadays many internet corporations use PayPal, as it is a reliable system and foreign customers trust it.

5. Find a representative

Find a representative who will be engaged in the organization of the promotion of your products in the selected country. It requires thorough and long negotiations, because you need to find a responsible person who can be trusted. Networks of professional contacts like LinkedIn, as well as communication on specialized forums and websites will help with it. Anyway, sometimes it is worth visiting offline events to find the right contacts.

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