It’s time to think about information security

Many people think that being a blogger is easy.  They are wrong.  Firstly, in order to create content that attracts readers, you need to have a lot of knowledge and be able to write interesting texts.  Naturally, you have to be literate.  And the blogger also needs certain technical knowledge.  Regardless of whether you are an advanced blogger or just a beginner, you should know the basic rules of cybersecurity in order to protect your content and personal information from unwanted intrusions into your information space.  Some rules are common for everyone: do not use open Wi-Fi networks, update antivirus programs, have backups for a quick recovery … But I decided to go further.

I like to study everything thoroughly, including information security issues.  I would even like to seriously dive into this area.  This is why I was interested in information about IBM Qradar Training.  IBM QRadar Security Information and Event Management is ready to help security professionals ensure accurate threat detection and prioritization.  This solution makes it possible to respond fast to incidents and minimize their consequences.  QRadar correlates a variety of information, finds commonality in related events, and gives point warnings to speed up analysis and resolution of incidents.  QRadar SIEM is available both locally and in the cloud.

IBM Qradar SIEM Training is conducted both face-to-face and online, and it is intended for security analysts, network and system administrators, and other professionals who use Qradar SIEM in their work.  The training course is 15-20 hours long and covers both the Qradar architecture and activity logs and network activity and data management and troubleshooting and much more.  In addition, the content of the training can be customized depending on the needs of the clients.  The training is organized for both individual and corporate clients.  Perhaps I will seriously consider this wonderful opportunity.


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