GPS Collars vs. Microchip Implants for Pets

Microchip implants, as well as GPS collars such as French GPS pour chat, were created to help owners to return lost pets. Both two options have some advantages and disadvantages, so making a choice will be easier if you know what they are.

GPS Collars and Pet Locators

GPS pet collars have a variety of functions. Some of them are able to track your pet within just a few miles of your home, while there are also some models that include more global tracking capabilities. Just note that latter type of GPS collar usually requires a monthly fee (about $20 per month), so get ready to face to some extra expenses.  Furthermore, such devices are usually pretty pricey, starting from $ 100 to $500 depending on a model.

While choosing a GPS collar, it is important to check the weight and size as usually such collars are meant for mid-sized and larger pets.

The most notable advantage of GPS collars is that they allow you to track and locate your pet anytime. Of course, it is not about all GPS collars as cheaper models are usually not so effective. Nevertheless, such devices can provide you with ample peace of mind as you will not have to worry that your lovely pet will get lost. Furthermore, GPS collars provide more safety for your pet and can even save its life in case it becomes lost in a dangerous and unfriendly locate.

Microchip Implants

Some pet owners afraid of microchip implants as it is believed that the device requires some surgery. The truth is that microchip is so small that it is injected under the skin of your pet’s neck safely and easily. It is a microchip that will help you to find your pet in case it gets to a rescue center or animal shelter. With the help of a handheld scanner, it is possible to read the chip and to gain the information about the pet’s owner, as well as to get owner’s contacts.

Though it is impossible to track your pet with a microchip, there are some other advantages it provides. First of all, it is relatively inexpensive. It will cost you between $20-$30. Also, you will not have to worry about monthly fees, as well as the battery life. Secondly, your pet will not be able to remove a microchip and you will not have to worry that it will get lost.

Nevertheless, as you will not be able to track your pet, you will have to rely on the fact that someone will find your lost friend and take it to a place where it can be scanned for identification.

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