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Our evolving self

As we move through our life, having accomplished all of the academia and finally getting the job that we thought we always wanted, we are sometimes left with a space that we feel we need to fill. Or we could say and sense of emptiness that just cannot be filled with everything we have or have not accomplished in life.  This feeling is what the ancient cultures call, a call to find spirit or a need to find a greater purpose in life that does not involve us putting more structures in place to support us.

What we think is going to serve us for the rest of our lives usually changes with the natural human evolution of our own personal consciousness.  A moment of introspection lets us know that as we strived to get where we are now we picked up some deeply suppressed experiences that were simply never even acknowledged. The reality is that it is impossible to just ignore our life experiences because at some point or another, these experiences will ask to be resolved by either talk therapy or a different approach that works directly with the body, such as yoga and meditation.

The problem for many people is that when they see that they have unresolved tension in the mind, they tend to embark on a journey of self medication, such as turning to drink or prescription drugs to try and numb the painful experience. This approach always comes with a huge payoff which is your health and wellbeing and while it might work for a short period of time, it will only cause more problems in the long run. 

When we get that feeling of emptiness or deep insecurity then it is important to listen to what your soul is telling you as the inner voice very rarely lies, we are not talking about the mind here. While we thought that we had made it and money and the house, the wife and all forms of material value were all there is to life, we soon realize that it is all superficial. It is not long before we get a little bored of the car, the house etc, but what never gets taken away from us is our own journey through life and the innate ability to respond to the changes life brings our way. We always have the capacity to change and really embrace these changes in a very positive and self caring way. 

One of the best ways to embrace the inevitable changes in our lives is to venture abroad or even locally. Finding a spot that allows you to relax and feel a sense of peacefulness through mindful meditation or yoga practices, dance is also really effective in getting your energy moving. Sometimes attending a yoga retreat and following a structured program as well as a complete change in diet could be what you need. Finding the right professionals to work with is absolutely fundamental to all of our journeys to heal the wounds we have picked up over the years. But what is more important is your own willingness to let go and become an emotional human being who is very much living on this planet to evolve through experience.


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