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The pipe broke: is it worth it to build an ark or how to cope with a flood

I can’t imagine my life without properly functioning cold, hot water and heating water pipes in the house. However, malfunctions leading to partial or complete failure in the operation of these systems occur from time to time. My friend has recently faced this unpleasant situation.

When the pipe in the apartment was broken very seriously, and there is not enough time for self-repair – either qualifications or repair materials – it is urgent to call plumbers or special agencies. The best way out is when one of the household makes a phone call, and the rest, as they can, try to fix the problem or reduce its scale at this time. But fortunately my friend managed himself. He quickly shut off the tap separating the wiring from the common risers. Such a crane should be installed in each apartment. It is usually located at the installation site of water meters. The problem was not so serious, and it turned out a dompelpomp to be at his elbow. This thing really helped him out! You don’t need to have all repair materials and spare parts, but it is desirable to have a small bundle of wire and a piece of rubber.

It’s a pity that he forgot to remove all valuables and electrical appliances from the place of flooding that could cause a short circuit in the wiring, and now he is forced to restore everything that has suffered.

It is important to remember that if neighbors are flooded as a result of a leak, it is recommended to determine the degree of guilt and compensate for the damage without waiting for a judicial decision.

I realized that there are different unforeseen situations in our life, and your home remains the place where you can relax not so often. But nothing threatens you when there are nearby necessary things and a mobile phone in this case!

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