Why you should go to the south of France?

France is the most amazing country in the world for many people. It has everything an average that tourist needs: the azure sea, 11th century Gothic cathedrals, ski resorts in the Alps, snails with garlic and wine.

The country is divided into 18 regions. 13 of them are located in the European part of the country, and 5 ones are on the islands of Guadeloupe, Guiana, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte.

It is best to relax in the south of this wonderful country in summer. Getting there vol Bruxelles – Lyon is easy. The French Riviera in the summer attracts many wealthy tourists from around the world. Cannes, on the Cote d’Azur, picturesque views, mild climate and fashionable hotels are not the only attraction. An elite gathers here for parties, which is entertained day and night in numerous bars, restaurants and casinos.

France has such a gastronomic diversity that tourists often try to have. You should definitely take fresh oysters with lemon, tender frog legs, one of the 400 varieties of cheese, onion soup and cod with red and yellow pepper, potato salad, and delicious goose liver pate. And drink it all down with great dry wine. As for dessert, eat an inimitable apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Marseille is the capital of Provence. It is one of the largest cultural and economic centers of France. It also takes one of the first places in terms of attendance by tourists. Most of them come to immerse themselves in the indescribable Mediterranean atmosphere of this ancient city, get acquainted with its historical sights. So book your flight vol Bruxelles – Marseille and come to this wonderful place.

Marseille is not often remembered, listing the resort areas of France or places of beach holidays. However, in fact, this city can offer just a huge choice of beaches for relaxing by the sea – almost for every taste. Most beaches are natural; some of them are equipped, sandy; but mostly pebble or rocky. One can distinguish beaches located north of the city, and those located in the city and further along the south side of the Marseille coast.

In general, Marseille is famous for its warm and comfortable weather. There is usually no stupefying heat here. There are few rainy days in the summer. The average daily temperature in June, July and August usually does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. In May and September it is about 25 degrees. In April and October it is about 20.