Stay cool with new ionpod!

Skateboarding emerged in the late 60’s in Sunny California. This state is still considered to be the center of the skateboard movement. Californian surfers invented the skateboard as the land counterpart of surfing. The first prototype of today’s skateboard appeared in the US in 1958. The Board was rectangular in shape and slightly resembled the current model. Swerving, downhill — that’s the area where first skaters have mastered and perfected.

At that time, it was enough dashing to slide, just not to fall to be held in high esteem. Some time ago, everything changed. The more complex the stunt, the greater the recognition it has with the public. Over time, skateboarding has gained recognition not only among boys but also among girls. Now women sliding on the railing or benches can be seen in the city. Skate is already a part of life for many people; it became the kind of style. But now skateboard is mainly used as a simple mean of transportation. Almost every young person has or had a skateboard.

Lots of people nowadays have a self-balancing scooter. What is to be done if you want to combine your favorite skateboarding, having something trendy, posh and make everyone envy? Then you should have ionpod! Created by a team of students at University of California San Diego, ionpod offers customizable electric longboards with high-end performance abilities for under 200$. It looks like an extremely scrumptious self-moving skateboard.

This electric vehicle can move because of the simplest and elegant battery fixed to the reverse side of the board made of maple. It needs only 2 hour for full recharge. This “motor” is silent and requires 9 miles per new charge. Ionpod can move at maximum speed of 12 miles per hour. You can easily choose the speed of your “driving” with reliable remote control which also gives you an opportunity to change the direction of moving. If you are a good skater, get advanced ionpod, if you are not, have beginner one. It is absolutely safe and water resistant. It is rather portable and has a handle for convenient carrying. The ionpod is also equipped with detachable headlight. 6 month warranty is provided.

The ionpod is the first electric longboard with customizable griptape! Choose your own griptape design at a low price. The developers have collaborated with talented artists to provide you with nothing but the cleanest designs. The release is limited, so hurry up!

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