Helpful Tips for Homemade Affordable 70’s Costumes

You don’t need to break the bank to replicate the glitz and glamour of the disco era. You can put authentic Halloween or themed party 70s costumes together in a cheap manner. You can start from your wardrobe or visit your local thrift store. Then, get to work in a creative manner! Keep reading to learn how.
The 1970s ushered in more sophisticated and glamorous fashion in place of the 60s hippie look. Decade-era costume stores displace the biggest fads of the 70s, including the accessories that characterized this era. If you choose to get creative at home, you can also reproduce some of this era’s costumes at home without spending much.

Get Started

As mentioned earlier, it starts by visiting your local thrift store to collect the clothing items you will need. The attendants in the thrift stores can even help you choose appropriate items for your home-made 70s dress. Bellbottom pants, white gauze shirts, Mexican peasant shirts, and rope belts are a few items to look for.

Choose a 1970s Fashion Pattern to Replicate

There are tons of trendy fashion expressions in the 70s. So, before you set out to create your own costume from the scratch, you should first decide which of the fashion trends you want to replicate.

One of the most popular fashion statements in this decade was the disco look. This appearance typically features clothing items such as polyester shirts and dresses or clothes made with satins to reflect the disco hall light. The sleeves of the shirts and dresses are usually in flare patterns, even the ends of some bellbottom pants and jeans were flared.

Girls typically wore very tight and colorful jumpsuits. Another staple for women in the 70s was short clingy dresses, complemented with high-knee boots or platform shoes. Men equally wore platform shoes, polyester shirts that are unbuttoned halfway to flaunt the shiny medallions on their neck. The shirts worn in the 70s by disco boys and girls often featured collars.

So, if you decide to make your Halloween or themed party clothes in order to look 70s disco and hippie fashion, look out for the fashion items mentioned above when you explore the thrift stores and online stores.

Get Hair Style and Accessories that Scream 70s

Both men and women in the 70s wore long and straightened hair. There wasn’t really heavy hair accessorizing in this era. But, the women can use a sash material that matches their dresses and tie it around their hair as hair band. This will complement your 70’s costumes nicely.
And, for jewelries, look out for dangly, shiny and bold earrings and medallions. Beads were also staples during this era. Women and even men wore a lot of bead bracelets to accentuate their fashion expression.

Finally, you can draw more inspirations on how to put your homemade 70’s costumes together by researching the top fads and iconic stars of this decade.


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