Kush Paintings

Vladimir Kush is a Russian born and Hawaii-based artist who is considered to be one of the most brilliant surrealists of the 21st century. According to Kush, his main goal is to reflect the world in the mirror of metaphor. He believes that metaphor is not just about linguistic communication, but about daily life as well. The artist sees a metaphor as a mean of communication we live by. Metaphor in the paintings of Vladimir Kush iid aimed to awake you feelings and subconscious, giving your imagination to reign. If you are looking for Kush paintings for sale, it will be wise to learn about the most popular works of the artist. That is why we provide you with the set of 3 paintings made by Vladimir Kush.



The painting illustrates the analogy between current lines of our lives and growth rings of a tree. There is a man who drifts in the stream of life, trying to head his boat to the past that he knows but the flow takes him away to explore new shores. You can notice a cut mark on chopped tree trunk that illustrates some events in the past that will always remain with him through life. Nevertheless, there are some growing trees that are placed as inspiration to get back to life.



Do you know what the expression “not to see the forest behind the trees” means? You can describe the meaning using words, but Vladimir Kush illustrates it. The hunter on the painting does not see anything around him; he is so focused on the process of hunting that he cannot see his trophy – a deer. Try to use this metaphor for your daily life to notice a deer that waits till you can notice him.



The painting is the metaphor to the feeling of love and the magical effect it has on people. The energy of two lovers is transformed into the shape of a balloon that flies in the magical beauty of dawn.

On a different aspect, the painting is a metaphor for the greatest work of Franz Kafka. Kafka showed us how his hero, Gregor Samsa, transforms into a giant bug to alienate from society. And Kush shows us a more positive way of alienation, provided by the feeling of love.

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