Medications to prevent hair loss

If you are reading this, you probably hate the problem of hair loss as much as I do. It touches half of men under age 30 and a lot of women from all across the world. With the course of time, some of us face the problem of losing the thick mop of hair we had as teens. You have to agree that when the hairline begins to a steady backward march showing the scalp on the top of the head, the problem of hair loss becomes crucial.

Hair loss is generally determined by genes. It means that some people will start to lose hair even if there is a lot of treatment. Still, there are various ways to prevent hair loss or to regrow hair existing today. That is why even if your genes are the reason; the final word still belongs to you and your desire to keep them. With new medications, you can save what you have got or to recover what you have lost in some cases. So if you already faced the problem of hair loss or your genes tell you that you will have to face it in future, you can consider the option of using some lotions or pills.

Foams and Lotions to Prevent Hair Loss

Most of us do not like taking pills and Minoxidil gives us an alternative. There is a 15% minoxidil solution and Women’s minoxidil. The lotion works both for women and men. The hair regrowth serum contains minoxidil and azelaic acid, as well as some other natural ingredients which help to reduce hair loss, to stop it or even regrow lost hair. You do not need any prescription to use it. To see an effect (and you will see it or the company will give money back) you will have to use the lotion twice a day: in the morning and before sleep.

The lotion stimulates hair growth and large hair follicles. The results are fantastic: 7 in 10 men say they regrow some hair after using this lotion in four months.

The only side effect of the product is the irritation of the scalp. Some men who used it say they faced to flaking and redness after using minoxidil. Still, it is not a high price for naturally regrown hair.

Pills to Prevent Hair Loss

All those who are ready to take pills can try finasteride. It blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, slowing hair loss to 90% and helping to regrow hair.

Still, if you want to get the best result, you can take both minoxidil and finasteride. The only thing you have to note is that when you start to take minoxidil and finasteride together, you must stick to the treatment. Just remember that you do not cure the problem. The medication, in this case, helps to keep it at bay as long as you use lotion and take pills. When you stop doing so, hair loss will continue and can even become faster.

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